The Albania to Corfu Charity Swim '24

This year we are supporting four marine initiatives selected by the Ionian Envoirmental Foundation.

Our story

Albania Overboard is a 3 km charity sea swim, coast to coast, from Albania to Corfu. This popular event is a unique and fun physical challenge, open to swimmers of all abilities.

Swimming for local charities

Established to raise awareness and much needed funds for carefully selected local charities, this exciting event is now growing each year, thanks to the enthusiasm and support of generous donors and intrepid swimmers. Click on the link to find out more about our charities and how to make a donation. 

A 3 km swim for everyone

Whether you are a swimmer or supporter, please come and join us at our charity swim event. It is an exciting spectacle to watch and a thrilling challenge for the participants themselves as they cross the channel. Swimmers of all ages and abilities are welcome. 

2021 leaderboard

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Our sponsor

Swimming for the local environment & children