Swim information

How much is the entry fee and what does it cover?

The entry fee is €100 with a 50% discount offered to Greek residents. The fee covers transport from Gouvia to Albania, a GP checkup, a swimming cap, refreshments on arrival at St Stephano and transport from St Stephano back to Gouvia after the event.

What about the cancellation policy?

If you can't make the swim because, for example, the flight is cancelled or you miss the doctor's check-up, the entry fee is non-refundable. All profits from the event go to charity so we hope you do not find this unreasonable.

Where do I need to be and when?

The mandatory doctor’s check-up is at midday on Friday 13 September and will take place at Piedra del Mar in Barbati. 

Please note that you will not be able to take part in the event if you do not attend the doctor’s check-up. While we encourage you to be there at midday, the check-up will go on throughout the afternoon so please arrive by 3pm at the latest. 

If you arrive after 3pm we cannot guarantee that the doctor will see you.

Where and when does the swim start?

Swimmers need to be at the international terminal in the port of Corfu Town on the morning of 14 September at 7.30 am.

Note: there is free parking at the port so you can leave a car there for the morning.

Where does the swim take place?

The swim begins on a pristine headland south of Saranda (Ksamil) in Albania and ends in the picturesque fishing village of
St Stephano (Ag. Stefanos) in Corfu.

What can I do with my personal possessions?

Please bring a bag with you in order to store your personal items. Bags will be loaded onto a boat in Albania before the swim starts and will meet you at the finish in St Stephano.

What do I need to bring with me?

Albania is not in the EU so passports are required for entry. Please note that there are no changing facilities at the start point in Albania so bear that in mind when planning your attire. More detail will be provided prior to the event.

What are the conditions like?

In September the water is warm, so wet suits are not necessary. We will endeavour to start the swim as early as possible, as the sea is at its calmest and quietest in the morning.

What happens if the weather is poor?

In 2022 strong winds made the channel crossing too dangerous so the group was diverted to Butrint to swim 2.5k down the ancient canal to Ali Pasha's Castle (check out the photos in the gallery). In the event the Coastguard deems the channel too dangerous to swim we will swim the canal once again.

What safety measures have been put in place?

Both Greek and Albanian Coast Guard vessels are on hand, along with professional lifeguards and private boats, to ensure that the swim is as safe as possible. However, it is every swimmer's responsibility to be in the best physical condition.

Is training necessary?

All swimmers must be in good physical condition and will be required to have a health check by a GP on the island prior to the swim. We would advise everyone to do some training.

What happens after the swim?

You will be greeted in St Stephano with refreshments and we encourage you to stick around and clap any remaining swimmers in. A bus will be on standby to transport the swimmers back to the port to collect their cars.

Where and when is the evening event?

The event will take place on the evening of the 2nd at Damianos Bar in St Stephano. This will be a ticketed event to raise further funds for our supported charities

Recommended accommodation

Hotels in Kassiopi

Melina Bay

Hotels in Corfu Town

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Need more space?
For bigger groups - Villa Collective can source a villa. 10% of the rental fee will be donated to the cause for properties booked for the swim week.

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