The 2022 supported charities

Please find details about the charities below along with links to raise and donate funds.

This year the funds raised from swim ticket sales and sponsorship will be donated to the Ionian Environmental Foundation to help them support amazing local environmental causes and raise awareness.

We will also continue to support Hamogelo tou Paidiou 'The Smile if a Child' by donating the proceeds taken on the door of our evening event with costs being covered by our sponsor,
Villa Collective.

Ionian Envionment Foundation

A member of the Conservation Collective Supporting all local environmental initiatives to protect, sustain and restore

The Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF) was established by friends of the Ionian Islands in 2019 to support local environmental initiatives dedicated to protecting and restoring the outstanding natural beauty of these beloved islands and the seas around them. To date they have funded 18 projects across the Ionian Region.

The IEF works hard to ensure that even small amounts of money can have maximum impact:

€1,500 grant supports setting up one new Green Spot on Corfu to help address the issue of poor waste management.

€2,500 grant supports replicating the educational programme Waste Action Awareness Week to another Ionian island with the aim of addressing the problem of single use plastics and excessive waste production at the source.

€2,500 supports the provision of biodiversity posters and teaching resources to Corfu’s 8000 primary school children to inspire interest and concern for conservation at a young age.

€5,300 supports monkseal identification and habitat mapping to ensure this endangered species found in the Ionian archipelago is monitored, documented and protected.

€10,000 supports mapping and analysis of posidonia meadows to document the value of these carbon sinks and promote their protection and conservation.

Once signed up to swim, you'll receive an email with confirmation and the link to our
Just Giving campaign. You can boost support raised for the IEF and the amazing projects they work with by fund raising with your friends and family.

It means that anyone can help, even if they can not attend the swim!

We very much hope you will get involved in this event to support the IEF in their impactful efforts for the conservation and preservation of the Ionian Islands.

Hamogelo tou Paidiou'

The Smile of a Child 

The Smile of a Child is a registered Greek Charity with ten 'houses' across the country. In the Charity's 25-year history it has helped over 1.3m children recover from the effects of violence, health problems and extreme poverty, as well as spearheading countless missing children's campaigns.

The Corfu Centre currently houses around 20 children who, for one shocking reason or another, have been removed from the care of their family by court order. The Smile of a Child receives no financial assistance from the government and the Corfu Centre relies solely on funds raised locally. Supporting and educating children through to higher education is an expensive business and many of the children require intensive therapy to overcome the traumas they have experienced. The life changing impact Smile of a Child has to their lives is unequivocal.

Revered across Greece for the excellent work that it does, The Smile of a Child was also supported by the late parents of our founders, Patricia Cookson and Spiro Lemis. 

Follow this link to find out how to sponsor us or create your own fundraising page

Our sponsor

Swimming for the local environment & children